Storytime at The Ape's Nest

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Storytime at the Ape's Nest LIVE at Hasslefest

  • industry Lab 288 Norfolk St cambridge, ma usa (map)

We got another live Storytime at the Ape's Nest coming up! It'll be part of the Boston Barge known as HASSLE FEST. This will be SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10 at 8pm at Industry Lab in Cambridge. We've got the dependables as in myself and Angela Sawyer and Death Shepherd and Aaron Bennett and Talbot Penniman and Kate Perruzzi. Other readers are the HIGHLY ESTIMABLE Erik Anker and Valeria Dikovitskaya (who did the previous episode of the podcast, and boy are you a dummy if you missed that). Musicians are the sublime Rachel Devorah and Lucy Yao. This one is ALREADY A KILLER but what if I told you we're ALSO showing a short horror film called "No Eyes With Which To Cry," which was co-written by myself and Carraway Ashleigh?!?!? And that Ashleigh directed it AND may read a story?!!?!?! Holy popes this one's gonna change the earth's orbit and that is a gravity guarantee.